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Old Mission Peninsula Traverse City

Traverse City Michigan is home to two bays that I split between a narrow Finger like Peninsula called Old Mission.

There was a light house at the top of the peninsula, so I figured that I would take a coastal drive and check it out.

I had no idea that the peninsula was a center of agriculture for the area boosting miles of a scenic cherry, apple and grape orchards including several vineyards with tasting rooms (look for my post on Black Star Winery).

Jim Sullivan’s Cherry Capital Farm Market road side cherry stand shown above offers three varieties of cherries including sour pie cherries, sweet red cherries and gold cherries, which I tried for the first time.

Jim also offers ice cream cookie sandwiches.

One of the fun features of Jim’s farm stand his cherry pit spitting challenge.

You have to stand behind the pole of his tent and successfully spit your pit across the double yellow lines on the road a distance of 30-35 feet.

Winners get a free ice pop. Loser, who cannot manage to get their pit over the white line have to pay double Jim jokes.

My first try landed my pit square in the center of the white line. Jim gave me a second cherry and I was able to at least get my pit past the white line. Rolling counts. Jim says many kids win the contest.