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Eden Foods Chili: Make a meal in only 10 minutes

Ann Arbor FoodOK. I am usually a soak my own beans kind of guy, but since starting school, I have taken to a few time savers for my meals and that means OPENING UP A CAN OF…beans and rice. I have become a big fan of Eden Foods precooked rice and beans.

Thanks to my time saving can of rice and beans, tonight’s meal took about 10 minutes and it was tasty and satisfying.

Eden Foods has a line of beans and rice, and various chili. Eden’s chili’s actually do not have rice as the central grain. They have Black Bean & Quinoa, Great Northern & Barley, Kidney Bean & Kamut, and Pinto Bean & Spelt.

I tried the Kidney & Kamut for dinner tonight. I was tasty. The Kumat, which is a variety of wheat, tends to be a little chewier than rice.

To the can of chili, I added some lime juice, smoked paprika, one cooked pork chorizo sausage link and threw in a few corn chips for some crunch. To top it off, I put on a few diced pieces of cheddar. I think I went a little overboard on the cheddar.