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Mushroom Growing at Home: Update

OK. This has been a political month for my food blog, so I figure it was time to bring the conversation back to food. The picture above is oyster mushrooms growing out of a bag of straw in my garage. (See previous post) Just look at those beautiful mushrooms. I cannot take all of the credit, or much for that matter. I bought this bag at the Ann Arbor farmer’s market. It cost I believe $18. They said I should get three harvests about the same size as this. When they bag has exhausted this mushroom production, the straw makes great compost material. This is my third venture into growing mushrooms. No, I did not find any morels this year.

So what do you do with oyster mushrooms?

Well, I suppose you can add to to any dish where a great flavor saute mushroom is welcomed.

I simple saute them for a fancy mushroom cheddar burger, with cherries, and chips.