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Paczki Day Ann Arbor 2011

Ann Arbor Food

Ann Arbor Paczki Day Guide:

Amadeus Restaurant

Voted #1 in Ann Arbor for his famous paczki, Polish Chefs Paul, Bartek and Marylka are at it again!
Celebrate Paczki Day & International Womans Day on march 8th in AMADEUS.
Complimentary paczki with lunch or dinner entree.
Call for reservations.

Copernicus European Delicatessen

617 S Main St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 222-9633

Dom Bakeries

1305 Washtenaw Rd,
Ypsilanti, MI
(734) 485-3175 ‎

Plum Market

375 North Maple Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Store Hours 8am – 10pm Everyday
Main Tel 734.827.5000

Articles on Paczkis

Paczki Day is just a few days away. Get ready for a lot of fun
By Charles Sercombe, The Hamtramck Review

Have we forgotten anything? Oh yeah, where can you purchase paczki? Here’s where you can get the real deal:

New Deluxe Bakery, 11920 Conant, (313) 892-8165
New Palace Bakery, 9833 Jos. Campau, (313) 875-1334
New Martha Washington Bakery, 10335 Jos. Campau, (313) 872-1988
Detroit Donut, 9101 Jos. Campau, (313) 873-9000
Family Donut, 11300 Conant, (313) 368-9214
Stan’s Market, 11325 Jos. Campau, (313) 365-1165
Bozek’s, 3317 Caniff, (313) 369-0600
Srodek’s on Conant, 11936 Conant, (313) 893-1085
Srodek’s Sausage, 9601 Jos. Campau, (313) 871-8080
Polish Market, 10200 Jos. Campau, (313) 873-6110

Food Detective: Perfecting paczki:
By David Hammond, Chicago Sun Times

If you eat jelly doughnuts, you’ve eaten something like paczki (pronounced pohnch-key).

The Polish pastry is traditionally enjoyed on Fat Thursday (tomorrow!), a few days before Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras – an indulgent snack before a period of abstinence.

Dobra Bielinski owns and operates Delightful Pastries, a Polish-influenced bakery with three locations – 5927 W. Lawrence, 1710 N. Wells and at the Chicago French Market in the Loop.

Signs of Spring: Paczki and kale:
by Kim Bayer, Ann Arbor.com

Over at Zingerman’s, it’s time to make the donuts as Fat Tuesday leisurely approaches. I heard from Amy Emberling, managing partner at the Bakehouse, that this year for the first time, they’re taking orders for paczki — those delicious Polish deep fried dough balls. They’ll be filled with flavors including traditional plum and rose hip (mmm!), and also raspberry, vanilla pastry cream and cream cheese.

Of course Copernicus Deli in South Main Market will have paczki too — they bring in thousands, usually from a bakery in Hamtramck. But since it is a religious holiday being observed, I say, we should consider the path of virtue and the many reasons to eat our crucifers.

Where Can I Find Paczki in Chicago?
By Center Stage Chicago staff

So if you want to add these pastries to your Mardi Gras celebrations, here’s a list of bakeries in the Chicago area serving these Polish treats.

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Paczki pronounced “Poonch-key”, Day 2010

Update: Paczki Day 2011 Post:

Today is Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras. In Michigan, it is Paczki Day. The day to celebrate and pig out on huge polish pastries before lent. Now I do not go for the lent thing being jewish, but any holiday that features a king sized doughnut, I am in. That is where Paczki (Poonch-key) day comes in. Paczki are polish large fried dough filled with a variety of preserves and fillings. There is lemon, custard, rose hip, plum, strawberry, raspberry and more. I am a traditionalist and go for the raspberry. (That being my tradition). Rose and plum are traditional.

There are currently 11 on our house. Emily will not be partaking this year so that means 4 paczkis a piece. Ranging from 400-600 per, we are talking about 2200 calories of yummy fried goodness a piece. No wonder it is called fat tuesday.

We got ours at copernicus deli. They sell out every year, and there can be a line, so get there quick.

Postscript: I like to heat up mine paczkis in the toaster oven for a few minutes. What happens ever year is that I can never figure out which flavor I am grabbing for. Is the red filling raspberry, strawberry, or rose? This year my raspberry ended up being a rose, which was good. I had one rose and one plum. When I went to my weights class tonight, I wished everyone a happy Paczki Day, but my instructor and a few others dismissed this holiday as an affront to their workout. Tough room I thought until a polish woman on the treadmill next to me whispered that she loves paczki day and had two.

Happy Paczki Day to all.