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Pie Lovers Unite: A slow Foods Huron Valley Event

Ann Arbor Food Pie

Pie over Pie


There were 70 pies. Count them 70 in this pie-o-polluza. This event was a fundraiser to help send 6 people to terra-madra, a slow foods pow-pow in Italy. The room was pack, with eager pie lovers waiting to pounce on the pie table. I brought some of my peach hand pies. Some pies of note: The vegan chocolate mousse pie, the Guinness Beef Pie, the three tier wedding pie, a potato pie, a bunch o fruit pies from blueberry, peach, and berry.

Ann Arbor Food Pie

Last One


Here is a picture of my last pie with it’s label flag leaning over in surrender. There is sometime cool, homey, nostalgic, tasty, international, and just nice about pie.

There were way more sweet pies this year, so next year I plan to make a savory. Of course if everyone has that idea then next year will be all savory.

Ann Arbor Food Pie

Pie for Pie