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Road Kill: The Other Hunting Season


A few years ago, I attend a food conference in the backwoods of Tenn. The topics ranged from biodynamic and permaculture, to wild fermentation with author Sandor Katz (Author of Wild Fermentation), to making herbal tinctures to home beer making.

The most interesting group and radical, were the people who ate road kill. Yes, road kill. The group brought a few um…offerings to the conference including a few squirrels and a badger. They demo how to skin the squirrels, which they said they usually just throw them on a fire fur and all.

I was intrigued with the concept and figure if I was seriously considering eating road kill then idea of hunting seemed down right civilized.

Since then, I have thought about those folks and their ideas of eating, but I never ventured out to find and cook up “found food.”

But then I was driving on 14 and noticed a deer on the side of the highway. It was a few days ago and we had a bout of very cold days under 30 degrees. I figure, “the thing is completely frozen and safe.”

I figured that road kill would not have the same risk in winter as summer right?

So I called a place that processes deer and was all set to grab my fallen friend when I told Emily my plan.

Are you nuts! was the basic reply with an all out wrestle for our car keys. It is her car and she would not have a road kill deer anywhere near it. Then there is the freezer space for the meat. Our freezer is packed, so where will I fit the 40-60 Pounds of meat?

With all of this said, I am still into the idea of getting a road kill deer in winter if the weather is under freezing and it has not been out too long.

So, if there is anyone in the Ann Arbor area with a truck, and extra freezer space and who has culinary/hillbilly sense of adventure, I am offering to go in halves on a road kill deer.

See New Yorker article with Sandor Katz