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Alabama Trip: Day five

Ann Arbor Food

Shrimp and grits, green green tomatoes, and sweet potato souffle

My last day in the south would not be complete without shrimp and grits. It is more of a South Carolina low country dish, than a traditional Alabama fare. I had it for the first time on a trip last year. I brought home some grits, and since then it has become a celebrated staple, which seems to excite the house in a food frenzy when ever I make it.

Ann Arbor Food


More pics of southern snack foods

Ann Arbor Food

Various Cereal Bars

These gave me a chuckle. I am used to rice crispy treats, but never thought about taking the concept to other cereals. These seems in my opinion as an over the top variations.

Ann Arbor Food

Boiled Peanuts

Boiled peanuts are a southern thing. I have never seen them anywhere else. These were found at a gas station. Unlike other cooked peanut preparations, boiled peanuts are soft, on the salted side, and taste in my opinion more like a starchy pea or bean. They remind me of edamame. Southerner’s eat them as a snack. I like them, but find the ones I have had to be overly salty, so I could only eat a small amount.