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Resistant Starch Foods: Bread is the New Bread

Just like when it was safe to go back into the water and eat fat again, today the announcement is that we can have our carbs and eat them too. Of course, we foodies already knew as much, that eating a balanced plate of food just seemed right. The standard carb, protein and veggies, which are artfully plated by our favorite chef has been the model for a satisfying meals.

Now a new diet book says as much.

Resistant Starch Foods List and Book, By dailypost
According to the Skinny Carbs Diet: Carb Lover’s Diet Cookbook by David Feder RD, carbs should not be cut from meals. Resistant starch has fewer calories than regular starches but is more filling so dieters feel satisfied quicker.

Bananas, corn , potatoes, yams, pasta, pearl Barley, whole grain bread, navy beans, oatmeal, lentils and brown rice are some of the common resistant starch foods.

So have the hippy rice and bean eaters been right all along? I tend to think so. When the dust finally settles with America’s endless obsession of the diet of the month club, eventually I feel the winner of the diet wars will be a balanced plate that include carbs, fat, protein and fresh veggies and/or fruit.

In other words, real food with a good balance. Until then, I say enjoy your carbs.