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Sugar Cookies with Chocolate Peppermint Bark

It is the holiday season again, which means cookies.

There was a Christmas cookie contest at the Waterloo Farm Museum, in Waterloo, Michigan. This gave me the idea to combine sugar cookies with chocolate peppermint bark in one. The Waterloo Area Historical Society runs the farm museum and features a number of events like civil war reenactments, blacksmith demos, and farm house tours. The event that I am going to is Christmas on the Farm which features music, a blacksmith demo, christmas decorations, gift shop, and a cookie contest.

The sugar cookies recipe I used was from Cooks Illustrated, Baking Illustrated book. For the topping, I melted a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips with some half-and-half and powdered sugar in a double boiler. I dipped the cookies in the chocolate and coated them with candy cane pieces and candy cane dust. I think the next time I do this, I will put most of the dust in with the chocolate. It can also be made with white chocolate.

News Update: My cookies won 2nd place.

Rolling out and cutting the cookies with a tree shaped cutter

Cookies ready to be Baked

Cookies ready to be Backed

Candy cane about to be smashed

Candy cane pieces and dust

Chocolate ready for cookies to be dipped

Baked cookies ready to be dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with magic dust

Finished Cookie

Finished Tray very festive

Waterloo Farm Gift Shop

Candle Lanterns

Decorative Gifts

Prepped food in the wood fired bake house

Hearth Stove

Farm Baker

Decorative foot stool in the main house

Weavers Tool

Weavers Tool

Rag Rug making on old fashion Loom

Rag Scraps

Bake sale

My Cookies donated for sale