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Wheatgrass: Inchworm Microgreens Farm

I have been posting this week about dandelion greens, and nettles tea. Both are a Spring perennials that impart health benefits and nutrition. And they are local to many regions in the US. Part of the eating local food conversation for me is to figure out ways to provide our basic nutritional needs, and that includes herbs and supplements. One such possible locally available supplement is wheatgrass. It can be grown in trays like shown above for fresh juicing. A special wheatgrass juicer is needed to make juice. A home blender will not work (trust me). The standard serving is a one ounce (shot) of juice. Some people drink it everyday or even three times a day during a cleansing program.

The price for an ounce of juice in a juice bar can range from $2.00-3.00. A standard size tray of wheatgrass will provide 8-12 ounces, and even more if you let the trays grow again for a second cutting. A third cutting can be tried, but that in my opinion is pushing it.

Why consume wheatgrass juice?

Long time raw foods health advocate Ann Wigmore claimed that wheatgrass juice cleanses and builds our blood:

  • improves skin and hair,
  • builds muscle and endurance
  • fights infections,
  • lowers blood pressure,
  • dissolves tumors,
  • acts as an appetite suppressant.

From wikipedia: Wheatgrass

None of these claims has been substantiated in the scientific literature, though there is some evidence in support of the beneficial effects of chlorophyll in the human diet.

As the chlorophyll molecule is structurally similar to hemoglobin, it has been argued that wheatgrass helps blood flow, digestion and general detoxification of the body. These claims have not been substantiated. However, some research exists that relates diets high in chlorophyll, present in higher concentrations in green leafy vegetables, to lower rates of colon cancer.

Where can you get wheatgrass?

It can be found in small trays at the health food store or sometimes at your local farmers market. If your Co-op or health food store does not carry it, request they do. You can also make arrangements to get trays through a local grower.

Inchworm Microgreens Farms offers full and half tray for $12/$6, locally in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you are interest in reserving a tray contact me: