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Ann Arbor Vegan Meetup at Zingerman’s Road House

Ann Arbor Food

Smoked Potato and Avocado Soup: Tomatillo and Avocado broth w/smoked potatoes

Today was my first day eating completely vegan. I have been looking into going Mostly Vegan for a while and when I found Ann Arbor’s vegan meetup group was hosting an all vegan meal at Zingerman’s Road House, I jumped at the chance.

The meal was great. The soup was rich and satifying. And the beans and rice were excellent, smokey and flavorful with local shiitake mushrooms.

Ann Arbor Vegan Meetup host dinners out once a month to a local restaurant.

Ann Arbor Food

Chef Alex of Zingerman’s Road House visits the Dining Room

Chef Alex came out before the meal and talk to us about the menu offerings. Many items came directly from the restaurant’s garden. You can’t beat that. I can eat like this everyday.

Alex said something that really stood out. He said that he had wanted to cook an all vegan meal for some time, but until now there was never a group large enough to do it.

Most restaurants will not go out on a lim to offer many vegan choices because the number (dinner tickets) are not there to make it worth while.

With that said, chef are a creative lot and many would jump at the chance to challenge themselves to export vegan. Showing up with 60-70 vegan dinners ready to eat might be the best strategy to get a great vegan meal from an award winning chef.

So here is what we had. (Soup or salad, choice of entree and dessert $25)

Ann Arbor Food

Pickled Watermelon Salad w/ arugula

Ann Arbor Food

Roasted Squash-Eggplant Crispy Lasagna w/ roasted tomato gravy (Entree one)

Ann Arbor Food

Quinau Pilau w/Curried Squash Slaw (Entree two)

Ann Arbor Food

Sea Island Peas and Dirty Mushroom Rice (Entree Three)

Ann Arbor Food

Chocolate Beet Cake w/Fresh Berries

The Westside Farmer’s Market in Ann Arbor Michigan

This is a quick shout out the The Westside Farmers Market in Ann Arbor. I have been talking up this market a lot lately because I will be a vendor there this year. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about this great market. The Westside is the new kid on the block, compared to the downtown market. No disrespect to the downtown market. They do a great job, and I am there all of the time.

The Westside Farmer’s Market is located in the Zingerman’s Roadhouse parking lot, on the corner of Jackson and Maple Rd.

It starts June 3-Sept 30, on Thursday 3:00-7:00PM.

Here are few great reason to come to the Westside:

1) I will be there selling fresh cut microgreens this year (smiles: shameless plug)
2) There is a great mix of vendors
3) Great easy parking
4) You can’t over sleep and miss it (like I sometime do with the downtown market…Yes, I am a farmer who sleeps in)
5) Thursday is a perfect time for gathering food for the weekend.
6) They participate in Project Fresh, a program to help provide fresh food to low income families
7) They also accept the Bridge Card
8) Perfect for shopping after work
9) You can drop off your library books, before/after you shop because there is a branch in the same shopping center.
10) No lines to get Zingerman’s Baked Goods