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New York Style Pizza Class

New York Style Pizza

I am teaching a pizza class tomorrow April 29th at Hollanders from 1:00-2:00PM (2:30ish)

Learn about making dough, sauce, toppings and more and sample three kinds of pizza

Click here to sign up 

New York Style Pizza with Brian Steinberg. Learn how to make a thin crust, New York style pizza, with Brian’s no fling method. You will see how to make and shape the pizza dough, and then bake on a pizza stone. Sample a variety of pizzas with different sauces and toppings. Class Fee: $16

Sci-Fi Food


I just started a movie event. It is kind of like, but for movies You pick a movie to screen and set a time and date. If enough people buy a ticket, the local theater will screen your selected film.

I have selected Comic-con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary about the San Diego comic festival that attracts 140,000 fans.

What: Comic-con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope

When: May 10, 7:30 P.M.

Where: Quality 16, Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI

Who: Comic, Fantasy, Geeks and Sci-fi Fans from the Land over, and their dates

How: Go to and reserve your ticket ASAP. We need to sell 40 tickets to make this happen. There will also be a costume contest. Please share, tweet, facebook, and tell a friend to help make this happen.

Why: To have fun watching a indie film and dress up like your favorite Sci, comic, zombie or an original character (costumes Optional)

As for food, maybe we can have some Romulan Ale


Chocolate Cherry Noodle Kugel 3

Chocolate Cherry Noodle Kugel 3


Chocolate Cherry Noodle Kugel 2

Chocolate Cherry Noodle Kugel 2


Chocolate Cherry Noodle Kugel 1

Ann Arbor Food