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Halloween Plush Food

OK. What can I say. I am a fan of plush food. Being so close to Halloween, I figure I would post a few plush foods in the spirit of the night of spirits.

Zombie Cupcake and Pop Tart

Angry Candy Corn

Happy Candy Corn

Zombie Candy Corn

Halloween Felt Cake 1

Halloween Felt Sugar Cookies

Day of the Dead Plush Cookies

Undead Bread

Zombie Tea Bag

Plush Food #6

More fun with plush food.

Fourth of July Camp fire days

Assorted Cakes

Coco Petit Four

Sushi Plate

Zombie Carrot

Zombie Coffee Mug

Felt Cupcakes

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Plush Food #5

More of Plush Food. I try to mix it up between savory and sweet. If I have time, and my craftsmanship is up to pair, I may start making a few plush food items myself. Here is some inspiration of some artist that I like on

Plush Food: Fun Food Craft #4

This is my fourth installment of plush food. There is a ton of these cute food toys out there. The links below direct you to the artists Esty store where you can buy one of these like guys if you want. Emily and I went a great dim sum restaurant tonight in Detroit called  Shangri-la. I forgot to bring my camera in for some pictures and the review, so the felt dim sum will have to give you an idea.


Plush Food and Food Toys 3

OK. This is my third plush food post. I can’t seem to get enough of them.

Plush Food: Fun with Felt Two

Plush food, Felt desserts, and Softie Food

This is the first in a series of fun food crafts. I am a big fan of these fun plush food toys. I have just taken a sewing class and may very soon be baking up some plush food myself, but that may take a little while. In the mean time, I will post some of my favorite plush foods artists. Maybe there can be an Ann Arbor food crafters club started that features Plush, Michigan food specialties like cherries, melons, morels, asparagus, pasties, pierogies, paczkis, coney dogs, and more.  There are more pictures posted on the link to the artists. I just pick some of my favorites.




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