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Hello Inchworm Bakery Fans

The Cottage Food Bill has become law which paved the way to start my at home Inchworm Bakery.

We will be making pocket pies, and shortbread and other cookies. I am currently working on recipes based on seasonal fruit like Michigan peaches, cherries, and apricots. The plan is to source as many ingredients locally from michigan growers including all baked good featuring organic michigan flour.

For those following my sugar beet project, I would love to be able to use Organic/Non GMO Michigan beet sugar, which I am working toward making available. I am hoping that the increased demand from the Cottage Food Law for sugar will help to create and promote an organic beet sugar industry in Michigan.


Brian Steinberg
Inchworm Bakery

3 responses to “Inchworm Bakery

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  2. I will be in Ann Arbor on Friday, October 22 and will need to find a loaf of vegan bread for a grandson who is allergic to eggs. Do you know where I can find an eggless bread? Rosalie. I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you

    • There are a few places.

      Zingermans (downtown)
      The peoples food co-op (down town) Best best for vegan food in town
      plum market (on Maple Ave)
      Arbor farmers (on Maple Ave

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