Monthly Archives: August 2012

Moving and Food

I just moved and that made me think about food.

Moving also includes foods. The food in the fridge, the food in freezer, the pantry, the spice rack and the entire kitchen including gadgets.

Like all moves, the best time to get rid of stuff is before you move and that means purging the stuff you don’t want or use.

But I say why wait till you move.

So in the name of Fall cleaning, I would like to inspire you to clean house (your kitchen).

Do you have gadgets you no longer use?
Do you have spices from the last millennium?
What about the cookbook, are you using all of them?
Did you buy all sort of supplies for that one time you made (Sushi, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Pizza, Pasta, Beer etc) or other food experiments.

If you are still using them great, but if you are not, there is probably someone who would love to have that pizza stone, pasta roller, tortilla press, slow cooker, bread machine, tart pan, wok  etc…

As for the other stuff, a two year shelf life for spices is pretty standard.