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Christmas Pizza

Some will recall my rebellious nature this year when it came to Thanksgiving dinner with my Alternative Thanksgiving idea post.

I guess I was still feeling that way when Christmas rolled around. Emily bought me a new pizza stone for Christmas and I have been looking to test ride it.

So I pitched the idea of doing pizza for Christmas. I figure it would be vetoed in the name of traditional or whatever, but to my surprise, it passed the vote in the house.

I think the offer to cook might have won everyone over. (smiles)

The beautiful dough ball above will be a personal pizza with special toppings.

Check out my Pizza at home Post for recipes/instruction

Happy Holidays

Hanukkah Doughnut Recipe

Ann Arbor Food

Jelly Doughnuts

Why was it that we never had doughnuts for Hanukkah growing up was a mystery. It was only when I started being a blogger that I did research into a traditional Hanukkah meal.

I basically make a batch of Latke for Hanukkah and have a little smoked salmon and call it good.

But little did I know that Jelly doughnuts were also apart of the tradition.

My family was in the Latke Camp. Apparently, when it comes to Hanukkah and fried delights there are the Jelly Doughnut (Sufganiot) and Latke (potato pancake) people.

The reason for the divide is that Sephardi Jews had more wheat (warmer climate) and the Eastern European Jews that I come from where potato (root crop) people.

The Israeli Jews (according to wikipedia) seemed to also be in the Doughnut camp. (warmer climate again maybe?)

So to honor my sunny climate brothers and sister and the greatness which is the Jelly doughnut, I have put them on the menu.

The doughnut recipe that I made were actually a Paczki Recipe, which Michigan folk knew is the large jelly-filled doughnut eaten on Fat Tuesday.

 Recipe Note:  (Follow the link to the recipe)

I used 6 eggs and not the egg york and I refrigerated the dough overnight.

Also make sure your doughnuts dough is thin. I tried to make them about an inch thick, but when I fried then they were raw in the center.

So I pressed them flat and fried them and they worked fine.

The recipes calls for the dough to rise for twenty minutes. This is a really sticky dough, so flour the surface well.

The recipe also calls to add the jelly BeFore frying, which I did not do.

I fried them.

And the make sure you use jelly, not preserve if piping.

I used preserves and it clogged up my piping bag, so I had to split the doughnuts and add jam, which actually worked out fine.

I figure that you can get a bunch of jams, preserves and curds and people can jam their own.


Strawberry and Lemon Curd

Join the Eat More Kale campaign

I am not sure when I came into my Eat More Kale sticker. It was a few years back and I put it on a journal notebook. It was my Eat More Kale notebook and I thought the slogan was pretty cool.

Kale is a kick ass food because it is a dark leafy green. The battle cry of nutritionist every where is “Eat more dark leafy greens” and Kale had the goods, but unless you were from the Southern USA or had a taste for white beans and kale soup, most people did not eat the stuff.

So when I saw the sticker, I thought this slogan is really saying something.

So I was surprised when I saw a NYT article a few days ago about the guy who started the Eat More Kale slogan and how he was actually being sued by Chik-fil-A to block his trademark of his slogan because they said would be confused with their slogan Eat Mor Chikin. (Really?)

In defense, Bo Mulller-Moore has started a petition against Chik-fil-a.

Check out his website for info on Eat More Kale stuff and to sign the petition.

In the mean time, Eat More Kale. Your body will thank you for it.


Occupy Wall Street T-shirt: Pepper Spray Guy


Occupy Wall Street T-shirt: OWS is Greater than Pepper Spray

I have been making Occupy Wall Street T-shirts for a few weeks. When I saw the pepper spray video, I knew I had to do something with it.