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Lobster Roll Project


Sci-Fi Food


I just started a movie event. It is kind of like, but for movies You pick a movie to screen and set a time and date. If enough people buy a ticket, the local theater will screen your selected film.

I have selected Comic-con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary about the San Diego comic festival that attracts 140,000 fans.

What: Comic-con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope

When: May 10, 7:30 P.M.

Where: Quality 16, Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI

Who: Comic, Fantasy, Geeks and Sci-fi Fans from the Land over, and their dates

How: Go to and reserve your ticket ASAP. We need to sell 40 tickets to make this happen. There will also be a costume contest. Please share, tweet, facebook, and tell a friend to help make this happen.

Why: To have fun watching a indie film and dress up like your favorite Sci, comic, zombie or an original character (costumes Optional)

As for food, maybe we can have some Romulan Ale

Selma Holiday Cookie Party

The first annual Selma Holiday Cookie Swap and Bake Sale was a success. Six of us baked the night away, and several others generously donated their time and baking skills and brought some cooke to swap and for the bake sale. The cookie featured were the decorated beauties shown above, my sugar cookie dipped in chocolate glaze and candy cane dust, swedish butter cookies, classic chocolate chip, chocolate crinkles cookies, chocolate chocolate chip, fruit bar cookies,  pecan bars, and praline candy.  In the end we ended up with more then twenty plates of assorted cookies for the bake sale.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Happy holidays.


Holiday Cookie Making Party: Cookie Swap and Bake Sale to benefit Friday Mornings@SELMA

Come Wednesday, December 16, 7:00-9:30 PM, for a holiday cookie making party, and cookie swap (located at 722 Soule Blvd. Ann Arbor, MI The home of Lisa Gottlieb and Jeff McCabe)

Bring your recipes, ingredients and a listing of what is in your cookies for people with allergy or diet restrictions.

Have enough supplies to make at least two dozen cookies, or bring cookies made at home. Please no store bought cookies. Feel free to make more.

One dozen cookies will be for the Holiday Cookie Swap where we will trade cookies with each other to leave with a fun holiday assortment.

The other dozen will be donated to Friday Mornings@Selma for a holiday bake sale.

If you plan to bake your cookies at SELMA RSVP is appreciate so we can organize. contact: or

Come join the fun and spirit of the holidays.


Sugar Cookies with Chocolate Peppermint Bark

It is the holiday season again, which means cookies.

There was a Christmas cookie contest at the Waterloo Farm Museum, in Waterloo, Michigan. This gave me the idea to combine sugar cookies with chocolate peppermint bark in one. The Waterloo Area Historical Society runs the farm museum and features a number of events like civil war reenactments, blacksmith demos, and farm house tours. The event that I am going to is Christmas on the Farm which features music, a blacksmith demo, christmas decorations, gift shop, and a cookie contest.

The sugar cookies recipe I used was from Cooks Illustrated, Baking Illustrated book. For the topping, I melted a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips with some half-and-half and powdered sugar in a double boiler. I dipped the cookies in the chocolate and coated them with candy cane pieces and candy cane dust. I think the next time I do this, I will put most of the dust in with the chocolate. It can also be made with white chocolate.

News Update: My cookies won 2nd place.

Rolling out and cutting the cookies with a tree shaped cutter

Cookies ready to be Baked

Cookies ready to be Backed

Candy cane about to be smashed

Candy cane pieces and dust

Chocolate ready for cookies to be dipped

Baked cookies ready to be dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with magic dust

Finished Cookie

Finished Tray very festive

Waterloo Farm Gift Shop

Candle Lanterns

Decorative Gifts

Prepped food in the wood fired bake house

Hearth Stove

Farm Baker

Decorative foot stool in the main house

Weavers Tool

Weavers Tool

Rag Rug making on old fashion Loom

Rag Scraps

Bake sale

My Cookies donated for sale

Pickle Contest: DownTown Home and Garden

Ann Arbor Food

Ann Arbor Food

It was the first Annual Pickle contest at DownTown Home and Garden. I entered the contest with my Spicy Dulse Sauerkraut. I did not win and the top three winners were dill pickles. Like the Jam contest, the most popular, and familiar items per contest like raspberry jam and dill pickles, tend to win. I wanted to win for my offering, but feel that for the most part my offerings were great, but not as popular to win these contests. The positive reactions overheard from the taster of my jam and kraut were reassuring.

One thing I would say is bring something to drink. They did not offer water, or bread with the pickle tasting, and after 30 salty pickles you will need something to drink. I bought some bread. They sell zingerman’s bread and pastry at Downtown Home and Garden.

Apple Daze: Dexter Michigan 2009

Apple Daze

It was raining today, but that did not stop me from going to the Apple Daze in Dexter, Michigan. The event was hold on the park downtown Dexter. I got there as they were having the pie eating contest. There were craft vendors, animals for a petting zoo, apple doughnuts for sale, and of course apple pie. Here are some pictures.

Rainy Sign

Ann Arbor Food


Ann Arbor Food

Feed for Llama’s: I bought a cup and feed the Llama, they are gentle and cute.

Ann Arbor Food

Baby Goat

Ann Arbor Food

Pie Eating Contest: Kid with his face in a pie

Ann Arbor Food

Fresh Apples for sale at the place I bought apple doughnuts from.

Ann Arbor Food

Apple Pie by the Slice

Ann Arbor Food

Sign on Main Street

Ann Arbor Food

Jam Contest:Bacon, Molson Beer, and Spicy Pepper Jam

Ann Arbor FoodToday was the big Jam contest at Downtown home and garden. 59 Jelly’s, jams, butters, and ones that defy category were present for tasting and judging. There was a long table set up with numbered jars. Small crust of bread and crackers were set out. Twenty-five people crowded around the table with more coming and going. Most did not try them all. Only one hardcore taster managed to get through and weigh in a vote for each one. Most jams gave away the type of jam in the name like my balsamic sweet onion jam, while there were a few like R&B that we were not sure what it was.

There were only a handful of savory jams like ones made with spicy peppers, and a favorite of mine made with sun dried tomatoes. My onion jam tasted great, yet I had my doubts that I would win any prizes because there was a bunch of kids there who voted and the savory jams did not get as many tastings or votes. (update:I did not win a prize)

The stand outs for me was the vanilla pear jam, spicy pepper jam, an organicAnn Arbor Food concord grape for the familiarity, a honey and lemon balm (update: It won second place), and the sun dried tomato. The bacon jam was more of a spread of bacon bits than a jam in my opinion, but tasty. I tried about half of them. Some were too runny, others had a strong alcohol taste, and one had way too much lavender which made it taste like perfume.

Looking at all of these jams made me think about the future of local food. Most were made from seasonal, local fruits, berries, and vegetables. They have a long shelf life, which allows for a huge variety of local food year round, and the jars can be reused for years. I am very new with canning and I was amazed at all of the recipes in the Ball Bluebook.

Eating locally in the winter brings up imagines of eating an all potato diet for months. Looking at 59 varieties of jam I see that is far from the case. I see a winter of tasty jellies and fillings from desserts and pastry, flavorful condiments for savory meat dishes,  and cheese pairing, and to tasty spread on homemade bread.

Pizza Class: 50 Lbs of Flour

Ann Arbor Food Here is a quick shout out to Dawn Foods who hooked me up with a 50Lb bag of King Arthur Flour, Sir Lancelot Brand high gluten (high protein) flour for my upcoming pizza class at Hollander’s on Sept 30.

It is really, really hard to get high gluten flour for home bakers. I usually have to order it directly from King Arthur, and it can be pricy when shipping is factored in. The closest thing that is available in grocery stores is bread flour, which is good but the pizza may be lacking the quality of your favorite pizza shop.

To be honest, I have no idea what I am going to do with 50 Lbs of flour. It is great for pizza and bagels, but is not a multi purpose flour.

Even so, 50 Lbs was the small amount I could buy. I figure that I can make 80 portions of pizza dough with this one bag. That enough for Pizza Night at my house for 40 weeks in a row.

I was thinking that I could start a pizza dough company.

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Upcoming Events

I teach cooking classes, attend many local food events, and I am working on organizing foodie diners out.

Up Coming Local Food Events:

Ongoing: Friday mornings at Selma: Jeff McCabe and Lisa Gottlieb host a friday morning breakfasts from 6:30-10:00am at 722 Soule Blvd.
For more info email: