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Alternative Thanksgiving Dinner

It is Thanksgiving and I know I should be really excited about the Traditional meal of turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce and green bean casserole and pumpkin pie.

But for some reason, I am not feeling it. My lack of excitement towards the big day/big meal I think comes from interested in more ethnic food lately.

I have nothing against the main ingredients mind you, but I was thinking about the meal and I just wanted something a little different this year.

Am I the only one?

Of course, I will be out voted, but….I thought I would throw out a few ideas.

-Thai coconut soup with mushrooms and turkey breast and snow peas
-Mexican Turkey Mole with corn sides and cabbage slaw side
-Turkey mushroom pumpkin risotto
-Turkey mushroom cranberry pierogi w/gravy sauce
-Japanese Tempura Turkey with sweet potato udon noodle w/miso broth
-Indian Turkey Curry with saag paneer sides w/cranberry/mango chutney and naan bread
-Turkey Matzoh ball soup
-Turkey Sausage pizza
-Turkey burger sliders with sweet potato salad w/dried cranberries
-Grilled Turkey, cheese and bacon sandwiches with pumpkin soup.
-Turkey Pot Pie or Turkey samosa with mango chutney
-Batter fried Turkey breast with biscuits (or waffles) and gravy and cranberry sauce with roasted sweet potato fries.
-Lemon and herb spiced turkey meatballs with pita and a mint yogurt sauce
-Posale with Turkey sausage and toasted pumpkin seed cilantro verde
-Turkey Parm.
-Turkey Sausage Spinach (or Kale) Quiche

For dessert how about a pumpkin cheese cake instead of pie?
Or even pumpkin chocolate chip  ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Occupy Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry’s hand out free Ice Cream to Occupy Wall Street in DC

I have been a fan of Ben and Jerry’s for some time, especially when I lived in Vermont. The have a progressive philosophy with business and they are just plan fun people. I used to attend their shareholder party/concert every year.

So it is no surprise to hear that they are showing up at Occupy locations across the country and dishing out free ice cream.

Ben And Jerry’s Duo Distribute Free Ice Cream To McPherson Square’s Occupy Protesters, by Hayley Miller

“Ben and Jerry’s has proved that a corporation can support the community and use its power to improve the quality of life for everybody and still make a profit,” Cohen told reporters at the event. “As our business supports the community, the community supports us back. … I think it would be great if other corporations could follow suit.”

There take on business as doing good for the community is in contrast to winner take all gambles with the community getting left holding the bag.

Although they are admittedly part of the 1 percent that the occupiers continuously criticize, the legendary ice cream entrepreneurs are touring the country in support of the anti-corporatism movement and have issued a statement on their websitesupporting Occupy demonstrators.

It seems like more and more of the 1% are with the 99% like Buffet and Gates and the Cohens. Now if we can only get more of them on board.

“I think that there’s a lot of people in the 1 percent that believe that the laws in our country have been rigged to support the wealthy,” Cohen said. “It shouldn’t be surprising that people are advocating for things that don’t necessarily help them, but help the community in general,” he said, adding that a constitutional amendment could “solve the problem”

I think more of the 1% would be open to paying more in taxes if there were policies in place, but they are not going to tax themselves right.