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Bona Sera: Ypsilanti Michigan

Ann Arbor Food

Slow Roasted Pork for the Bhami Sandwiches

Bona Sera, Ypsilanti’s newest restaurant, is my favorite place to eat in the Ann Arbor area.  It is a fun laid back atmosphere decorated with Elvis Lamps, Star Trek Clocks and fun dressed mannequins in the window.

They serve a mix of dishes from a selection of Bhami Sandwiches, to a Thai version of shrimp and grits both house favorites. The prices for most dishes range in the $7-8 dollar range.

Ann Arbor Food Bona Sera

Bona Sera

They also offer a few special like their surfy tuffy, which is a steak and scallop salad for $18.

Check out their full menu here.

Bona Sera is like one of those great out of the way secret places that you hope/pray you will find while traveling through Europe. You know the place. It is the one with the great food, not fancy, good prices, that you tell stories about when you return home.

I can’t say enough about this place. You have to go and try it if you have not been and tell your friends.

ann arbor food chocolate chip cookies at Bona Sera

Chocolate Cookies at Bona Sera

Ann Arbor Food Greek Lemon Egg Drop Soup At Bona Sera Greek Lemon Egg Drop Soup At Bona Sera
Ann Arbor Food House made pickles with Bundha Rice Bowls at Bona Sera

House made pickles with Bundha Rice Bowls at Bona Sera

Ann Arbor Food Bhami Sandwich at Bona Sera

Bhami Sandwich at Bona Sera

Ann Arbor Food Slow Roasted Pork At Bona Sera

Slow Roasted Pork At Bona Sera

Special Coffee Blend at Bona Sera

Ann Arbor Food Bona Sera

Bona Sera

Ann Arbor Food Bona Sera

Bona Sera

Ann Arbor Food Bona Sera

Bona Sera

Ann Arbor Food Bona Sera

Bona Sera


Washtenaw Community College Restaurant Garrett’s has a makeover

Ann Arbor Food

The New Bar at Garrett’s Restaurant at Washtenaw Community College

Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor has completed a major remodel of the student run restaurant Garrett’s.

Lunch is from 11:30-12:45., Monday-Thursday. Check for the few Night time events through out the semester.

Prices are $7-9. For reservations call 734-973-3592.

Ann Arbor Food

Dessert First

Ann Arbor Food

Behinds the scenes at Garrett’s

Ann Arbor Food

On the line at Garrett’s

Ann Arbor Food

The best burger on Campus at Garrett’s

Ann Arbor Food

Busy Making Drinks for opening day at WCC’s Garrett’s Restaurant

Ann Arbor Wood Fire Pizza Cart

Nick Wilkinson A2 Pizza Pi Wood Fired Pizza

Nick Wilkinson, an Ann Arbor native started A2 Pizza Pi (as in the symbol for pi), a wood fired pizza food cart. You can find him manning the wood fire oven at Mark’s Carts.(directions)

This the second season for the Mark’s Carts and the first season for A2 pizza Pi.

A2 Pizza Pi Ann Arbor Wood Fire Pizza

Nick got help starting his business by running a successful fund raiser raising over $10,000. I contributed to his fundraiser, which include a pizza for my support.

Nick strives for locally sourced organic ingredients for his pizza including local flour, sausage, fresh herbs and veggies.

He features seven different pizza, but will customize.

A2 Pizza Pi Wood Fire Pizza Menu

The pizza I tried was a Margarita with the addition of sausage.

Wood Fire Sausage Pizza

The heat of the oven gets around 700-800 degrees, which makes for a thin crust pizza cooked in a little over a minute.

Nick At the Oven

An interested feature to his oven is that he uses wood, which has been infected by the Emerald Ash Borer. The wood can not be taken outside of the area and it can only be disposed of by burning.

Ash Wood with Emerald Ash Borer groves

Mark’s Carts
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Price Range $ (0-10)
Tue – Sat: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm



Walk-Ins Welcome
Good For Groups
Good For Kids
Take Out
Outdoor Seating

Contact Info
Phone 1 (734) 834-9775

Bona Sera Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Ann Arbor Food

Pasta Rogue

This post is mostly food porn showing off the great meal the gang at Bona Sera Secret Supper Club made for the volunteers who gave our time to support the great food and causes Bona Sera supports.

And this was just part of the meal. There was squid dish, potatoes, fresh salad and dessert with lots of wine all around.

Bona Sera is hosting another Secret Super Oct 15, for more info check out their facebook page:

Check out pics from a previous bonasera event

Ann Arbor Food

Caprese Salad

Ann Arbor Food

Ann Arbor Food

Lamb with Rice

Ann Arbor Food

Lobster Bisque

Marks Carts Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Food

It is offical. Mark’s Carts are open for business. For the most part it is a lunch scene to about 2:00 PM. Show up later and some of the carts may be closed up for the day.

I have tried three of the six carts so far.

I had a tasty coconut vegan stew from the Lunchroom and a vegan chocolate chip cookie.

Ann Arbor Food

Humble Hog served up some good brisket BBQ and for the more adventurous Head cheese.

And Eat, which has been a mainstay at the AA downtown Farmers Market had a tasty pork confit with a mustard seed spread.

Ann Arbor Food

All offerings were great.

The Pork Buns offered by San Street are raved about, but I have yet to try them or Debajo del Sol chorizo corn dogs.

Debajo Del Sol

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B-24’s proves to be sustainable: By Anna Fuqua-Smith

Ann Arbor Food

Famous B-24 logo outside of the shop in downtown Ypsilanti

Downtown Ypsilanti’s new business, B-24’s proves to be sustainable, by Anna Fuqua-Smith, Washtenaw Voice staff

Just after two-months of operation, B-24’s in downtown Ypsilanti is proving to be viable.

Paying tribute to Ypsilanti heritage, B-24’s name originates from World War II when 8,700 “Liberator’s” bombers were flown out of Willow Run Airport.  During peak volumes, Willow Run employed nearly 42,000 people including “Rosie the Riveter.”

Martha and Tom Rumford, Ann Arbor, who own the building where B-24’s is located, has always seen this space as a coffee shop.

For more information, visit b-24’ or their Facebook page.

Anna generously let me provide a preview of her review of B-24 in Ypsilanti. Check out the full article and more photos.