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Breakfast at Selma: Good Eats and Nice Company

Ann Arbor Food I had been meaning to get to a breakfast at Selma for a few week, but I always get up late. Breakfast at Selma are from 6:30-10:00am, and  located at 722 Soule Blvd in the home of Jeff McCage and Lisa Gottlieb. The meals are sponsored through an association with the non-profit organization, Slow Food  Huron Valley, which make it possible to offer home cooked food in their home for a donation.

According to their website:

SELMA is the Soule-Eberwhite-Liberty-Madison-Affiliation. Friday Mornings @ SELMA is a local-foods breakfast salon, offering a gathering place of friends and community that imagine a new, growing, vital, regional food economy – every Friday morning on the Westside of Ann Arbor.

When you get there, you will see an abundant garden in the front yard with gnomes,flowers, herbs, tomatoes and a worm compost bin. When you get in the door you are welcomed and ask to sign in and grab a name tag from the ones hanging on the board. There was not one for Brian, so I made a new one.

There are a few rooms to sit. There is a large island in the kitchen like a dine counter, a dinning room with a long table and a few rooms and corners of the house with assorted lounge chairs and couches. The place was full when I arrive at 9:30am with 30-40 people.

Seating was limited and communal. You can expect to sit with other people, no table by yourself stuff. I was seated at a table with two nice students from U of M. They were fun and I enjoy our conversation. I really enjoyed the community aspect of Selma. It sure beat going to a diner alone and staring into my coffee cup all meal.

On the menu was an eggs benedict, eggs with tomato with a salmon hollandaise sauce, pancakes with a fresh peach sauce, and a french toast with homemade sausage, and a yogurt parfait. I had the eggs which was a tough choice because they all looked great. Next time, I will have to come with a few people so we can all share. The sauce for the eggs was rich, tangy with a great balance of smoke salmon flavor. There was a coffee and tea self serve table, which I assume was part of the meal, but I did not have any. The cost was a suggested donation of $10-15. There were cups on the table to put your money.

It felt more like a breakfast party more than a diner, which was nice. I walk around the backyard a little to visit the chickens. In the front yard, I noticed some beefsteak leaves also known as shiso in japanese cooking. The plant hand gone to seed and I was excited to ask Jeff if I could have some to use for a batch of fragrant sauerkraut. He said sure, take as much as you want.

Beef Steak (Shiso) Plant

Ann Arbor Food

Pancakes with peach sauce and home made sausage

Ann Arbor Food

The Selma Chickens

Ann Arbor Food

Stocking up on Chili Sauce

Ann Arbor Food

The Counter


Front yard tool shed

Ann Arbor Food